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Filtration, separation and water technology

Benefit from our years of experience and expertise with the brand Diemme Filtration in the field of solid/liquid separation for industrial processes. These values as well as the development of sustainable solutions to protect the natural resource "water" are the embodiments of …


"Chemical mixture" (1) means a solid, liquid or gaseous product made up of two or more components which do not react together under the conditions under which the mixture is stored. "Circulation-controlled anti-torque or circulation controlled direction control systems" (7) are systems that use air blown over aerodynamic surfaces to increase or control the forces generated by the surfaces.

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DEMOYS Publishable Summary Pag. 1 of 27 Executive summary Membranes for oxygen and hydrogen separation are expected to play a key-role in the development of CO 2 emission-free coal or natural gas power plants. Moreover, cost-effective oxygen


 · Supplies. II.1.4) Short description: Supply of Solid-liquid extractor (e.g. screw extractor, screw press) for solid-liquid separation of fermented biomass to obtain an aqueous extract. Lot 1: 1 pcs. extractor for 4 000-4 600 kg/h. Lot 2: 2 pcs. extractors each for 2 000-2 500 kg/h. Lot3: 1 pcs. extractor for 2 000-2 500kg/h.

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full range of unit operations, such as reactions, liquid/liquid extraction, liquid/liquid or liquid/solid or gas/solid separation, distillation, crystallisation, drying, gas adsorption, etc. Production is carried out in discontinuous processes (or batch processes). Equipment

BREF for Waste Treatments

• preparation solid/liquid waste fuel from non-hazardous and hazardous waste • emission abatement treatments to air, waste water and residues generated in the WT installations). This document also identifies the key environmental issues for the waste


Flottweg SE is a manufacturer of machines and systems for mechanical liquid-solid separation.[1] The headquarters is located in Vilsbiburg (Bavaria), Germany. The company develops and produces decanter centrifuges, separators and belt presses. Flottweg has subsidiaries and branch offices with service centers in the United States (Flottweg ...

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 · A technical review of liquid/liquid and solid/liquid separation equipment in the field of nuclear-fuel reprocessing DisplayLogo Publications Office of the European Union MainSearch search More Advanced search Browse by subject Expert Search ...

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Krofta Dissolved Air Flotation, liquid-solid separation perfected News Supracell DAF unit for FOG removal in Edible Oil Plant @ Indonesia

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Title: An innovative solid particle separation-classification process in a liquid-solid multiphase system by using 20-kHz ultrasound: The relationship between particle flocculation patterns and gases concentration in water Takayuki Saito, Research Institute of ropa

Decantation (clarification, dewatering): (1) Spontaneous separation by gravity of a solid phase in suspension within a liquid (settling), or of non-miscible liquids. (2) When solids are settling out they always retain some trapped liquid.


Filtration is the separation of a fluid-solid or liquid gas mixture involving passage of most of the fluid through a porous barrier which retains most of the solid particulates or liquid contained in the mixture.

Task 2.11 Study on the behaviour of digestate in agricultural soils

Solid - liquid separation: The simplest and most widespread treatment of both raw slurry and digestate is the solid - liquid separation, especially using a mechanical process i.e. sieves, presses or centrifuges. The liquid fraction contains a larger part of ...


somewhat limited. Generally, a solid–liquid separation is used to recover 1) valuable solids such as crystals formed in a purification process, 2) a valuable liquid such as a plant extract, 3) both phases such as leachate and tails both containing mineral values, or

Particle concentration, size and turbidity

 · Separations Technology Associates p''-SELECT v1.01, by E. S. Tarleton and R. J. Wakeman. p''-SELECT is a new concept in solid/liquid separation equipment selection. The interactive computer software package allows even the novice involved in separation technology to make a preliminary choice of large scale separation equipment from simple laboratory tests and a knowledge …

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included in chapter 1.B.2.c and not in 6.C.b, since the latter chapter focuses on solid and liquid wastes, not gases; emissions from asphalt (bitumen) blowing are covered by chapter 3.C; emissions due to loading at refinery dispatch facilities are covered

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Liquid Solid Separation Liquid Solid Separator Russell Compact Sieve Finex 22" Sieve Ultrasonic Deblinding Ultrasonic Mesh Screens AM Powder Handling AMPro Sieve Station AMPro Lite AMPro Lab AMPro 400S EBM AMPro Bulk Storage Tank Self-Cleaning

Sludge Treatment and Disposal

tional Solid Waste Association (the Working Group on Sewage and Waterworks Sludge.) This collaboration has allowed not only the analysis, condensation and assessment of the quality of this information in an efficient and comprehensive manner but also the

Liquid-solid separation

Includes: Thickening: Process in which a portion of the liquid of a pulp is removed to thicken the latter. Mostly achieved by decantation, but sometimes by filtration or cycloning. Decantation (clarification, dewatering): (1) Spontaneous separation by gravity of a solid phase in suspension within a liquid (settling), or of non-miscible liquids. (2) When solids are settling out they always ...

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JVK Filtration Systems: Your expert for solid-liquid separation. JVK manufactures every type of filter elements for new filter units as well as for the optimization of existing filter presses and other filtration equipments. Millions of JVK products are world wide

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Find Liquid Solid Separator related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Liquid Solid Separator information. Description: Most Commonly Used For: Filtration of engineered liquid systems in industrial applications. systems in industrial applications.


Solid feed 500 g Liquid or semi-liquid feed 500 ml 5.B. In relation to the control of undesirable substances or products likely to be distributed non-uniformly throughout the feed, such as aflatoxins, rye ergot, castor-oil plant and crotalaria in feed materials (3) 5.B.1.

Liquid and Solid Separation and Filtration Systems

CentraSep installed our first liquid and solid separation and filtration system in 1999. Since that time, CentraSep has become the preferred solution for liquid and solid separation and filtration, and is considered part of the "Best Practices" for facilities around the globe that require the separation of all types of liquids and solids.

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 · Motivation Very large quantities of fossil-based, water soluble polymers are employed to flocculate (aggregate) particles and in this manner facilitate solid-liquid separation. These are, for example, used for water treatment, sludge dewatering, drinking water ...

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Solid–Liquid Separation compiles a compact and coherent structure of contributions regarding solid-liquid separation. This book comprises chapters on basic fundamentals, principles and equipment, as well as on various important aspects of solid-liquid separation such as …


Laval, manufactures equipment and provides system and service solutions for liquid/solid separation, heat transfer/treatment, and fluid handling. Partners None Top Administrative data: Project reference LIFE09 ENV/SE/000352 Duration 01-SEP-2010 to ...


We leverage our experience, acquired over more than a century, to provide equipment, systems and services that best satisfy our clients'' mining, comminution, material handling, liquid/solid separation and beneficiation requirements.

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Food Grade filter solutions for the food industry. Raw materials in accordance with GMP, FDA, ATEX, EU10/2011, 1935/2004 regulations. For liquid/solid separation and drying processes. Designed for processes under conditions of extreme humidity and