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Steiners analysis

 · Steiners analysis. 1. ByDR.FAIZAN ALI. 2. The Steiner analysis, developed and promoted by Cecil Steiner in the 1950s, can be considered the first of the modern cephalometric analyses for two reasons:1. It displayed measurements in a way that emphasized not just the individual measurements but their interrelationship into a pattern.2.

The brain

 · 3. Brain It is one of the largest organs in the body, and coordinates most body activities. It is the center for all thought, memory, judgment, and emotion. Each part of the brain is responsible for controlling different body functions, such as temperature regulation and breathing. 4. The brain is contained in skull & weighs 1300 - 1400 g made ...

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Clear brine fluids or completion fluids are widely used in the activities related to drilling, shale gas, oil and deep water. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to download. Brine Fluids Market - A brine fluid is a solution obtained when a salt usually sodium chloride is saturated in some amount of water.


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Rudolf steiner philosophy of education presentation,

 · Teachers have a lesson topic to teach- but they have autonomy with respect to how they deliver that knowledge.Steiner teachers believe they are in a ''LEARNING profession. They are not there to simply teach a child they are there to grow along side them. Play ...

Steiner analysis

 · Steiner analysis. 1. Steiners analysis Dr Nabil Rahman. 2. Cecil c. Steiner (1896-1989) One of Edward H.Angle''s first students in 1921. He developed a form of cephalometric analysis, presented in 1953,referred to as the Steiner method of analysis. 3. Steiner in his analysis took into account that it may not be possible to reach ideal ...

Steiner analysis

 · Steiner analysis. 1. Steiner proposed the appraisal of various parts of the skull separately Skeletal Dental Soft tissue. 5. Skeletal Analysis Used anterior cranial base (sella-nasion) as a reference line The advantage is the two midline points moved minimal …