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Mining Ratio: The mining ratio is outside the operator''s control for a mountaintop removal project; that is, a fixed volume of earth overlies a fixed volume of coal. There is nothing a mine designer can do to improve the ratio if the full seam is to be taken. However, any reduction of marketable coal will increase the mining ratio.

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 · Auger mining is a mining method that recovers coal or other minerals from under the highwall when the ultimate stripping ratio has been achieved in open cast mining operations or Auger mining refers to a method for recovering coal from thin seams, 0.6 to 2.4m thick, beyond a highwall produced by conventional open cast or strip mining (area ...


of overburden generated by mining is enormous. The ratio of the quantity of overburden to the quantity of mineral ore (called the ''strip ratio'') is usually greater than one, and can be much higher. For example, if a proposed mining project involves the extraction of 100 million metric tons of mineral ore, then the proposed mining project

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Books such as Elements of Practical Coal Mining and SMEs Surface Mining were specifically referenced Stripping Ratio as a Fundamental Ability to surface mine depends on the value of the ore being high enough to offset the cost of Overburden Removal Stripping Ratio determines relative amounts of each to be moved. If coal generates a $5/ton ...

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MODULE I. Introduction . Basic concepts, applicability, advantages and disadvantages, Surface mining terminology, Stripping ratio and Breakeven stripping ratio, its importance, Surface mining unit operations, Surface mining systems vis-à-vis equipment systems – classification, applicability, advantages and disadvantages, Role of surface mining in total mineral production.

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Surface mining, including strip mining, open-pit mining and mountaintop removal mining, is a broad category of mining in which soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit (the overburden) are removed, in contrast to underground mining, in which the overlying rock is left in place, and the mineral is removed through shafts or tunnels.. Surface mining began in the mid-16th century [dubious ...

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The technological restrictions on surface mining are stripping ratio (30% of original surface-minable resources), small block size (14%) and thick unconsolidated overburden (2%). Stripping ratios for the Davis and Springfield Coals include the tonnage of Dekoven and Herrin Coals, respectively, that would be recovered by removing the overburden.

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 · The maximum allowable Stripping Ratio (SR max) defines break even stripping ratio (BESR).This represents the highest possible units of waste that can be handled. If the SR exceeds the BESR then the operation will be uneconomical as the income generated by the ore is insufficient to offset the costs incurred in mining.

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 · SURFACE MINING • Surface mining is done by removing (stripping) surface vegetation, dirt, and, if necessary, layers of bedrock in order to reach buried ore deposits (or) surface mining is the process of extraction of minerals by removal of overburden . • Overburden is the rock or waste material which is lying on the mineral to be owned .

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 · Most mined oil sands deposits are located within 50 meters from the surface. The strip ratio (SR) is the simplest measure of mining efficiency. Defined as the weight of overburden (or waste ore) divided by the weight of oil sands ore, a strip ratio of 2 is considered high but feasible if the ore grade is high enough.

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We also acquired significant existing pre-law surface contour benches, which will enable lower ratio surface and highwall mining. The Elk Creek property consists of approximately 17,128 acres of controlled mineral and contains 24 seams that we have targeted for production.


ratio between the mass of explosives required to break a given ... Figure 9: Hook-up system with Nonel in surface mining Delay Intervals Too short a delay causes the back rows to be initiated before the burden on the front holes has time to break away and to move. This …

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Surface Coal Mining Methods in Australia 7 Fig. 4. Dragline Working Section (Gianazza, 2010). Fig. 5. Box cut, strip cuts and spoil piles (Humphrey, 1984). mining access are either taken through the over burden dump as a valley, dozed through the spoil pile parallel to the strip, created in the highwall either parallel or at right angles to the

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Surface Mining. Surface mining allows extraction of ores that are close to Earth''s surface. Overlying rock is blasted and the rock that contains the valuable minerals is placed in a truck and taken to a refinery. As pictured in figure 2, surface mining includes open-pit mining and mountaintop removal.

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Optimal production scale of open pit mining operations with uncertain metal supply and long-term stockpiles. By Mohammad Asad. A review of cut-off grade policy models for open pit mining operations. By Iván Cárcamo. Optimum cut-off grade''s calculation in open pit mines with regard to reducing the undesirable environmental impacts.

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Important Terms of Surface Mining . Mining Terms . Types of Mining . Types of Mining . Surface Mining: Open Pit Mining: Massive stock-work deposits –gold, copper . ... Stripping Ratio: is the ratio of a unit of waste material removed per similar unit of ore material removed. Toe: is the base of a bank bench or a slope.

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Stripping ratio is influenced by the shape of the orebody and may vary considerably during the life of the mine. Except in rare cases, it increases with depth of the orebody below surface. The unit cost of mining may increase over the life of a pit due to increased stripping ratio and the …


In open pit mining,amechanical extraction method,a thick deposit is generally mined in benches or steps, although thin deposits may require only a single bench or face. Open pit or open cast mining is usually employed to exploit a near-surface deposit or one that has a low stripping ratio.

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 · Surface mining requires (most often) waste removal * waste removal cost money and lowers profit. ... Stripping ratio allows definition of this "breakeven" point. Switch to underground mining if your stripping ratio is more than BESR. a. May or may not be economically feasible * Consider value of ore. b. Major expense/effort is required to ...

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 · Surface mining involves the extraction of mineral commodity on the earth''s surface and in the open air. Surface mines can be fully mechanized, partly mechanized, or labour intensive. ... Determining the stripping ratio and the stable pit slope angle are the main challenging task in the design and optimization process. Also the location of ...

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three surface mining techniques that are used in the West: 1) area strip, 2) open pit, and 3) terrace pit; two methods of underground mining in the West: 1) room and pillar with contin-uous miners, and 2) longwall mining; recent underground mining technology developments in Europe and the West-ern United States that could affect the

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Surface mining, method of extracting minerals near the surface of the Earth. The three most common types of surface mining are open-pit mining, strip mining, and quarrying. See also mining and coal

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 · A strip ratio, or stripping ratio, is an important measurement related to the open-pit mining process. It represents the amount of waste material, also known as …

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mining equipments selection. This system is able to involve the expert knowledge in primary and secondary selection of equipment for surface coal mines [3]. In 1990, another expert system, in order to classify equipment, was planned in the open pit coal mine of Britain with the help of fuzzy logic.

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These latter four sites were either mined very slowly, had nonrepresentative ABA data, received water from an adjacent underground mine, or had a surface mining practice that degraded the water. In general, an NP to MPA ratio of <1 produced mostly acid drainage sites, between 1 and 2 produced mostly alkaline drainage sites, while NP to MPA ...

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Jul 25, 2018· In mining, stripping ratio or strip ratio refers to the ratio of the volume of overburden (or waste material) required to be handled in order to extract some tonnage of ore. For example, a 3:1 stripping ratio means that mining one tonne of ore wil. 24th clip Surface Mining (Stripping Ratio…


Mining Department, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, 21 Line V.O., 2, Russia ... surface or weight distribution: ... Specific charge/rock contact surface (charge surface/weight ratio) determines quantity of energy spent on fragmentation or blast efficiency.